McLaren 12C Spider: A 204 MPH Drop-Dead Drop-Top

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We weren't wrong when we said the McLaren 12C Spider will go 186 MPH with no roof, but we could have been more right. The roof-less MP4-12C will actually keep going and hit 204 MPH.


Gorgeous. Fast. Available for order right now. Brother, can you spare 2.65 million dimes?

The reveal of the Spider repairs one thing we didn't like about the McLaren and improves on something we were fond of. The attractive McLaren is the highest-rated car as reviewed by Jalopnik and it gets high marks for its purposeful looks.

But everyone can look better and somehow, in convertible trim, the roofless MonoCell'd super sports car improves on the coupe. It's even more aesthetically pleasing in profile ā€” arguably the coupe's best angle.

There isn't much of a performance edge to getting the convertible, but there isn't much of a penalty either. It's powered by the same 616-hp 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 and hits an identical 3.1 seconds run to 62 mph. Aerodynamics seem catch up at around 100 mph where performance drops off to just 9.0 seconds (compared to the coupe's 8.8).


Weight is up, but only 88 pounds over the coupe, impressive given the addition of a retractable hard top folding roof.

Top speed is also down to 204 mph, compared to 207 mph for the coupe. You know, for those many times you're driving over 200 mph escaping a zombie hoard in Monaco.


That is downright beautiful.

And that's weird, cause I think the coupe is bland and convertibles are ugly.