The McLaren 12C Spider Will Go 186 MPH With No Roof

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Imagine driving at speeds approaching 200 mph in an open convertible. Imagine a McLaren MP4-12C without a roof. McLaren's 616 hp twin-turbo V8 powered 12C Spider can do just that. We know because Formula 1 driver Jenon Button has been there and done that.


We have to assume that the car's wind dynamics must be well thought out, otherwise driving top down at 186 mph would be like jumping out of an airplane. But if there's any turbulence associated with the ride, Button isn't letting on.

"You feel like you're more part of the world without a roof," Button said in a McLaren promotional video. "You smell the tires, you smell the brakes, you smell the car. It really makes you feel part of that car."


So far all we have is the teaser above, but we can smell it, too.

Photo credit: McLaren

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As cool as a topless supercar would be, I still prefer the hardtop version. The MP4-12C is a marvel of modern engineering. Why ruin the structural rigidity of the vehicle just to get some wind in your face?