Mazda Just Sent Us Miata Cookies

It's February. Love is in the air. For some, it's love between two people. For us, it's the sweet love between a person and the Mazda Miata. And Mazda just sent us an amazingly romantic and so so cuuuuute Miata Valentine's gift.

Called the "Happy Drive Story," it's a collaboration between Mazda and Andersen Hiroshima, a "food complex and Danish-inspired" bakery in Hiroshima, Japan.


I did not know that when I opened the package. Inside, there was this adorable tin with a Richard Scarey-esque illustration of driving an NA Miata with the one you love.

Inside, there were cookies. Miata cookies.

And you wonder why we love the Miata so much here? It's because of the cookies.

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