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Despite what the imperialist stooges might tell you, comrade, LUAZ does not stand for Lada + UAZ. Before the glory that was the workers' paradise got destroyed by Yeltsin the enemy, LUAZs were built right in the breadbasket of the CCCP, Lutsk, Ukraine. Hence Lutskiy Automobilny Zavod equating to LUAZ. The LUAZ is a piece of mighty metal for the Red Army. And it comes as a six-wheeled amphibious Camino. And just so you know how much the politibureau loves you and wants you to be happy, party members in good standing can get the LUAZ as a non-amphibious Camino, too. Your decadent capitalist Jeeps would just ford sink in water. And an air-cooled 900 cc means it is an easy trucklette for the people to fix. And there is a 1,200 cc diesel option. Always remember, the iron fist of the prolitariot, needs no glove. Or torque. Dasvedanya , suckers!


It's May Day, Comrades! Red Square, 1984 [Internal]

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