It's May Day, Comrades! Red Square, 1984

We don't hear a whole lot about the Soviet-era car industry (all due respect to the mighty Volga, of course), because their factories were mostly busy cranking out this stuff for the Red Army. And such stuff! Soviet jeeps full of officers in funny hats weaving around like Shriners! Katyusha rocket trucks ready to rain a torrent of death down on fascist invaders! Incomprehensible 8-wheelers ready to drive real fast through swamps! This footage from the Chernenko-era 1984 May Day Parade is a commie gearhead's delight... and the stuff of nightmares for poor old Alexandr Solzhenitysn, holed up in Vermont and thinking the commies will never take their foot from the throat of Mother Russia.


All Hail The Glorious Revolutionary Stalinmobile! [internal]

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Man, the Cold War was great. Better movies, better international crises, better spy novels, and you at least knew who the hell the bad guy was.