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All Hail The Glorious Revolutionary Stalinmobile!

Illustration for article titled All Hail The Glorious Revolutionary Stalinmobile!

At first glance we were thinking "All right, Stalin murals on a Volga- that's mildly entertaining, in a sort of twisted let's-pretend-the-gulag-never-happened way." But then we spotted the red star wheels on the thing! Da! English Russia, you're the Czar in our book.


Stalin Car [English Russia]

Meet Me At The Red Star Drive-In, Comrade! [internal]

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The Mercedes next to this reminds me of the picture I took of the Bugatti dealership across the street from the Soviet embassy in the former East Berlin. Nothing like gloriously excessive capitalism pissing on the bones of its enemies.

[Also, are those really brembos? WTF?]