Looks like everyone's favorite vice-chairman born from jets sat down with the blogging side of the General last week to answer some reader questions from the GM blog that's all about living life in the FastLane. And by reader "questions" we mean one question in particular:

"Hey Bob...what's up with all the concept cars that never go into production?"

Lutz explains by throwing down some serious industry beat, dropping like it's hot the differences between concepts for showing off new technology, concepts for showing off new design and concepts just because they're fun for designers. Silly Bob, doesn't he know the General actually just gives them all to Michael Bay and the ones he doesn't blow up get made into cars? By the way, head over to FastLane just for the opportunity to see the "Bob" voice bubble at the top of the post — it made us giggle a little.

Bob Lutz Answers FastLane Questions [FastLane]

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