Bob Lutz Wants You To Buy A House To Help GM Sales

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Reuters got the scoop today from the Vice-Chairman of the General and here's the message Maximum Bob's got for you: Go buy a house. OK, maybe that's not quite what he's saying, but it looks like he's trying to drop some hints for the markets on what sales will look like in April — and it's got a lot to do with the housing market. The loin-burger eatin' second-in-command says

"The market as a whole has been a little weakish. That has come as a result of the housing market problems and the mortgage industry meltdown...A lot of people are finding themselves in a position of reduced affordability and that has had an impact, not just on us, but across the industry."


But come on — do we really believe Lutz here, or is he just playin' the game of lowered expectations yet again? We'll see next Tuesday.

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