Max Mosley Tells Judge He Hearts S&M... Seriously

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Oh Max Mosley, you creepy weirdo. After being caught in what the tabloid News Of The World described as a Nazi-style sex orgy, Mosley has been forced to cop to the fact that he loves sadomasochistic group sex. But not Nazi sex. No sir. Mosley said he couldn't imagine anything less erotic than Nazi sex, but because he's Max Mosley, he followed up with yet another bizarre revelation.


In his libel suit against NOTW for publishing the story, Mosely told the judge:

"It's just more - fun is probably the wrong word - but it's much better if accompanied by something which seems to justify what is going on."


Don't you see everyone? We're the sick ones. The prison uniforms, the SS-style guard uniforms, the speaking in a weirdo German accent. How dare we think that's in any way related to Nazism! [SkyNews]

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Wow, if Max needs a reason to "justify what's going on," he's doing it wrong.

Then again I drive a V8 RWD car with a solid rear axle, so maybe I'm just not used to the finer things in life.