Massive Rally Jumps Aren’t Just For Euro Trash

The sleepy hamlets of Upstate New York don't seem like a flat-out driver's paradise. Here is Cyril Kearney and his co-driver Mark McAlister soaring through the air, proving that the area's undulating old roads leave a lot of potential for hoonage.


Kearney survived the jump, but he crashed the rally-prepped Subaru STI on the next stage.

It all happened last weekend at the 2012 Rally New York, which no one told us about. Bastards. The next event is a rallysprint in Narrowsburg on June 23rd. We're clearing our schedule.


(Hat tip to Christopher Meegan/Meegan Rally Videos!)

Video Credit: Matthew Landers/YouTube

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Xander, Proud of BOXER

Notice how the rear wheels touch the ground first, keep in mind the 60% front, 40% rear weight distribution.

Gotta love that wing.