Maserati's 2020 Lineup Is Hugely Discounted

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Maserati didn’t have a very good 2019. Reports from both Autoblog and Car And Driver assert the Italian automaker only sold about 11,000 cars last year. So, to drum up some incentive, Maserati is now offering discounts on its 2020 lineup. It’s rare we hear about luxury cars getting cheaper as time goes on.


Keep in mind these discounts appear only to count toward 2020 model-year cars. The 2020 Ghibli has been marked down by $5,990, the 2020 Levante by $3,990 and the Quattroporte by $8,490. Including destination, Autoblog concludes the 2020 lineup pricing will therefore be:

  • Ghibli: $70,985
  • Levante: $74,485
  • Quattroporte: $101,485

Car And Driver published identical figures as well and noted this is pricing for the entry-level Maseratis. But so what! They’re nice cars and look and sound good.

Admittedly, the lineup isn’t as fresh as some of the others in Fiat Chrysler’s portfolio (you can clearly tell where FCA’s priorities are), but as we’ve determined before, people who buy Maseratis do it for purely emotional reasons. Objectively, there are better and more sensible cars to buy. But you get a Maserati because it makes you happy. And now you can save some money in doing so.

We’ve reached out to Maserati for confirmation on these price figures and will update if we hear back.

Update 12:28 p.m. EST: A Maserati spokesperson didn’t outright confirm nor deny the price figures, but clarified:

“Maserati North America is constantly evaluating customer feedback and our positioning in the marketplace to bring even better value to our customers. We are adding features to Model Year 2020 Maserati vehicles to remain competitive, in line with premium segment customer expectations and provide greater value without increasing prices.” 


The added features for 2020 model year include standard Soft Close Doors and Heated Steering Wheels in all Maserati models. Maserati Quattroporte, Ghibli and Levante GranLusso & GranSport trims, plus Levante GTS models will include the Driver Assistance Package standard, with Forward Collision Warning Plus, Active Blind Spot Assist and Surround View Camera among other ADAS features.”

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Interesting fact: Quattroporte’ means ‘Fourporte’ in Italian.