Martin Eberhard Is Out At Tesla Motors, And Whitestar Electric Sedan Dead on Arrival

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So we may have been a little bit late to the table with the news that Martin Eberhard is out like a dead bulb as CEO of Tesla Motors, everyone's favorite electric car company that's not yet delivered any electric cars. We did report they'd installed Ze'ev Drori as the new CEO, so we guess we brought something to the game. But now we've got word from a couple of very reliable sources that the problems with the roadster's causing some serious problems elsewhere in the company. Full and very quick report from our tipster after the jump.

"Tesla's Whitestar and Darkstar programs are DOA. The Detroit office is in trouble. it's all hands on deck to get the roadster to work"


Yeah, well, we kinda saw this one coming, we just kinda hoped it wouldn't happen.

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Lessee, Tesla's been in business for how long? And they haven't made their first real sale or delivered their first saleable car yet?

If I was one of their investors, I would be looking for some way to reverse the current cash flow as fast as possible. If it can't be done with the current leaders then it's time for replacements.

That said, I'm sorry to see Eberhard go, as the auto world is more difficult to break into due to regulations and warranty constraints(you can't get away with the problems encountered with cars like you can with personal computers or software), and came to admire his candor as problems with the Roadster developed.