Mark Webber Quit Formula One Because He Is A Sore Loser, Maybe

Mark Webber finally left Formula One this year for a sweet gig racing at Porsche's factory Le Mans effort. And now fellow F1 driver Jean-Eric Vergne is saying it's because he "got tired" of losing to that damn Sebastian Vettel kid all the time.


While it seems readily apparent to most people that he probably left due to an increasingly antagonistic relationship with his own Red Bull Racing team and the fact that he's getting on in years and he had such a sweet job offer lined up, Vergne said that it's because he's just jealous, according to SPEED:

"He would not even be happy if his team continued to win everything — you have the same car but you're beaten every weekend by your teammate. You would get tired of that," he added, "even when you are on the podium."

No, it had nothing to do at all with a completely crappy team situation. Mark Webber was just too slow for F1. Nevermind that damn near everybody was slower than Sebastan Vettel this past year, and they didn't quit. Nope. It's just Mark Webber being slow. And jealous. And maybe slowly jealous.


It's worth noting that Jean-Eric Vergne still drives for Red Bull's B-team, Scuderia Toro Rosso, and lost out to teammate Daniel Ricciardo for Webber's old seat for next year. Jean-Eric Vergne was slower than Daniel Ricciardo last year, especially in the latter half of the season.

Jean-Eric Vergne did not quit F1.

Just saying. Maybe his hypothesis needs work.

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