Mark Webber To Leave Abusive F1 Relationship For Porsche And Le Mans

Surprising no one, least of all our readers who called it, Aussie F1 driver Mark Webber is leaving the sport and Red Bull Racing after being treated like crap and playing second-fiddle to his awkward wunderkind teammate. He'll join Porsche's new sports car program.


I've always liked Mark Webber and there's no doubt that his bad season had as much to bad luck and a bloodthirsty teammate as his own performance.

And he's not just leaving the team at the end of this season, he's leaving the sport to go race Porsche's new LMP1 race car for the company in the World Endurance Championship/Le Mans. They'll show him more love, I hope.

This also opens the door for a certain favorite driver to join Red Bull next year.


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