You’ve heard a lot of ranting about how a three-pedal stick shift could become some kind of expensive, exclusive feature rather than a maligned and dying standard transmission. Here’s some proof.

The Dutch Hoefnagels is listing this 2007 Ferrari 599 for 450,000 Euros.

That’s a few grand over half a million in US dollars right now.


See the full listing here. It was spotted by which pointed out that this isn’t even the most expensive manual 599 listing the world has seen.

This kind of price makes sense given that only 29 of these gated manual 599s exist. Just as important as the rarity, though, is that the manual 599 is the last manual V12 Ferrari. That’s how the first great Ferraris were built, and this is the end of that line. Of course you’re going to see bonkers high collector prices for that.


And, you know, driving a manual is more fun.

Photo Credits: Gerlach Delissen Photography


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