Manhattan Mopar Mishegas! Tudor City Jews For Jesus And Diplomats Heart The Minivans

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While walking in Tudor City this weekend, that higher than First Avenue midtown east enclave of diplomatic immunity from parking tickets, I found two examples of people rolling in vehicles which one would not expect. Top among them is the Jews for Jesus "Manhattan Division," who apparently roll in a vehicle as confusing as their name suggests, i.e. a Plymouth Voyager minivan. This is of course rivaled only by what I've now found to be the diplomat's car of choice in these UN-is-irrelevant times. And no, it's not a Lincoln town car, or even a Cadillac sedan of some sort. Actually, it's another piece of Mopar not-so-much muscle...

...the Dodge Caravan. Apparently — as you can see below — even a soccer mom can be a diplomat.

This image was lost some time after publication.

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