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Our travel-obsessed brother site is currently running a poll to determine the "most masculine city." It's pitted two titans of the automotive world, Detroit (where they're thought up, designed and once in a while, manufactured) and New York City (where they're pundited, criticized and marketed from), obviously as two of our editors are from the respective metropolitan areas, it's time for a round of Point-Counterpoint between our Chief Editor Mike Spinelli (representing New York City โ€” or roundabouts) and Associate Editor Ray Wert (representing Detroit โ€” or roundabouts). Hit the jump for the IM battle back n' forth.

Wert: Hey, Mike โ€” Gridskipper's running a poll on which city's most masculine โ€” Detroit or NYC. I figure you're going to stand up for the pussywhipped masses of the world and pick NYC over a red-blooded, working man town like the D.
Spinelli: What?
Wert: You heard me โ€” Detroit's a town of hard working auto guys, real meat and potatoes types โ€” and New York City? Well โ€” it's filled with legions of metrosexual Manhattanites who are too worried about what they're wearing and how they look, rather than the more important stuff in life.
Spinelli: Dude?
Wert: Spinelli, you ignorant slut...
Spinelli: Whaโ€”?
Wert: Yeah? What you got to say to that?
Spinelli: Wert โ€” isn't this you rocking the Burberry scarf?
Wert: ...
Spinelli: Right.
Wert: Asshole. Did I mention New Yorkers are assholes?
Spinelli: Like that was even necessary to mention.


Most Masculine City: New York v. Detroit [Gridskipper]

Detroit and New York