Man Drunk Drives An Electric Walmart Scooter For Six Miles

If you've ever been in a Walmart, then you've seen those little mobility scooters that help disabled folks get around. You've probably also wanted to steal one yourself and take a little joyride. Well, one Indianapolis-area man got drunk, stole one of those scooters, and took a joyride. For six miles.

Marcus Degraphenreed allegedly stole the scooter from a Walmart in Greenwood, IN. He then proceeded to drive said scooter onto the highways and byways outside of Indianapolis.


He made it six miles. What's the top speed of this machine, you ask? Six miles per hour. That means he was driving it for nearly an hour. Oh, and it was 4:00 AM and 18 degrees outside with a windchill of 10. 

Degraphenreed was arrested and charged with drunk driving and possession of stolen property.


(Hat Tip to Jonathan!)

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