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I suppose there’s some lesson here about being careful what you say when joking. This particular lesson comes from Mai-Lee Acea, who told her husband, Tomas, that he could bring his ‘87 Nissan 300ZX project car inside their Miami-area house to protect it from Hurricane Irma.


Well, he could as long as he could get it through the sliding glass door, which, Mai-Lee confidently thought, he couldn’t. I’m sure you see where this is going.

When you say “through” a door, I suppose there’s room for interpretation there, because Tomas got his Z “through” the door by dismantling the entire glass sliding door wall, making an opening big enough for him to back the Z into the living room.


Here, watch:

Mai-Lee doesn’t seem to thrilled by the development, but, to her credit, she’s honoring her end of the deal, and the car is safely weathering the storm inside. The sliding doors were replaced, and covered with metal shutters, and, to be extra careful, the whole Datsun was wrapped up in plastic, like a colossal six-cylinder sandwich.

Despite at first wondering “What the fuck did you do to my glass door?” Mai-Lee did have some nice things to say as well, admitting in an interview:

“Actually, that was the fastest I had seen him work. The rest of the shutters must have taken hours but the sliding glass door must have taken 10 minutes.”


According to the Miami Herald, she’s still a bit bitter, saying:

“He loves that stupid car more than he loves the rest of us.”

... though I think overall she’s dealing with it pretty well. The family has evacuated to a safe location to wait out the storm, and hopefully when they return both car and living room will be restored to their former glory.

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