Man Builds Tiny, Working Corvette 327

Every once in a while another tiny engine pops up that has us slack-jawed with wonder. Apparently not impressed with just a functioning small-scale engine like the supercharged Weber Precision, Jim Moyer has worked up an exact replica of the 1964 Corvette L76 327 cubic-inch V8. Not only does it look the part in 1/6th scale, but it runs too, all the way up to a very non-scale 11,000 RPM. Even though it sounds like a weed-whacker engine, we're assured it's a four-stroke, and a scale cooling system is next on the list of things to finish. Utterly mind-blowing work.

[More details at CorvetteBlogger]

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@: What are the calculations behind this? I just did a simpel 1/6 of 327 to get 54.5 cubic inches. Along the same lines, a 327 Vette motor makes about 300HP, so this should make 50HP. I probably missed a step somewhere because neither one of those numbers seem quite right.