World's Smallest Supercharged V8 Engine — Now With Details!

We've posted the above video from Weber Precision before, but we've now got the deets and pictures of the smallest...supercharged...V8 the world! Because although some folks may say size doesn't matter, we're of the opinion that's baloney. We mean, sometimes, it's cool to be a wee man. Like this little guy — a miniature four-stroke V8. It's got a 1.000-inch bore, 0.900-inch stroke, 9:1 compression ratio, 12,000 max rpm, rotary sliding vanes (mmm...supercharger), dual WALBRO carbs, dual electronic ignition and to top it all off, a two stage dry sump oil system. Check out techeblog for more on this miniaturized mighty marvel as well as for a couple of other amazing engines — including a fully functional V8 made entirely of paper.

Incredible Mini-Sized Engines [techeblog]


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Why aren't any of those geniuses working for an American automaker? Oh, right. They are too talented.

Cool shit, indeed.