Things To Do In Your Living Room With A Rover 3.5-Liter V8

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Who knew the things you could do with a Rover 3.5-liter V8 engine when you've got it sitting in your living room? With a displacement of 3528 cc, there's all sorts of enough room for wine bottles, or you can use it as a coffee table, or even a coffee table holding wine bottles (we here tend to have alcohol on the brain, in hand, and down gullet, at all times). In fact, because this engine appeared not only in Rover cars, but was widely sold by Rover to small car builders — becoming the virtual de-facto standard British engine for hot rod use (much as has the Chevrolet small-block V8 for American builders) — there's a lot of them around. So grab a burbler that's quite burbling and be like these enterprising young urban autonistas, turning your love of the automobile into a love of furniture. Gallery of tables below.


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No. No. Sacrilage.

The heart of a hoonmobile, creating unreasonable amounts of power by exploding the remnants of Earth's ancient past with the very air we breath is not something anyone should daintily fill with spoiled grape juice and put under glass like a dead pheasant.

It should be placed on mantle custom-built to display it. Better yet, mount it over your headboard.