Malaysian Car Wash Rewards Loyal Customers With Free Sex

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What could be better than a clean car? How about a clean car and some nice, free sex?

In a strange partnership, a Kuala Lumpur car wash has been working with a massage parlor in order to make its best customers come again. And again.

The deal works as follows: You have to get your car washed nine times in a certain time period. Once they get the 10th car wash, they are then given one free helping of sex.


Customers probably prefer that to a free air freshener.

But the loyalty program is now over. A government raid on the brothel saw nine alleged prostitutes arrested. The government then found out about the connection with the car wash, as there had been loyalty cards given out, presumably so the men would be certain to come for the 10th car wash.

And in another twist, only certain ethnicities of people were allowed to enter. So we have a racist car wash sex ring. That's something else.

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No, thanks! I'll continue to wash my car myself. Having my car clean gives me complete satisfaction.