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The 2016 Ford F-650 and F-750 super-big work truck (actual classification: “medium duty”) lineup has been locked in, and I’ve been playing with the configurator making ultimate work machines all day. How would you set yours up?

Take a break from being so darn productive at work already and check out the configurator right here.


The F-650 and F-750 are not for guys who just want to one-up their F-250 driving neighbors, though essentially the same 6.7 Power Stroke diesel 6.8 V10 gasoline engine options are behind the building-sized grille. These are Class 6 and 7 vocational trucks designed for moving, hauling, dumping, and so forth.

American-made once again, F-650s and F-750s can be set up as complete trucks with task-specific bodies, or as chassis-cab tractor rigs for pulling very large trailers. Three cab sizes are available and Ford’s site lets you see the things in thirteen different roles, then shows you what the capabilities are.

The crew cab fire rescue rig is my favorite, share some of yours!


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