Mahindra Appalachian Info Updated, Now with Smack Talk

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Mr. Levine over at has been busy today, further hashing out the details we saw this morning on the new reverse outsourced Mahindra Appalachian. It seems the mid-sized pickup will be assembled right in Ohio to avoid the dreaded 25% chicken tax and will be getting an interior designed and built for the US market by Lear. Two or four wheel drive will be on the table, and factory designed accessories like snow plows will be available. Very interesting news if you ask us. The real gem comes from Mahindra's prime importer, CEO of Global Vehicles U.S.A. John Perez when commenting on the pending truck:

"This is a market that nobody is going to be in for at least three of four years. We're going to be able to give small businesses a truck that can get 30 to 35 miles-per-gallon, and with a diesel engine that's durable. It's a $40,000 truck that we're going to sell in the mid-$20,000s. This is not Chinese junk."


Oh no you didn't John Perez, we know we didn't just hear you baggin' on Chinese Junk. Oh it's on now. [via




Oh sure, pick on videos of old and crappy Chinese cars and ignore videos of newer and nicer Chinese cars from companies like Lifan or even BYD. Those crash test videos are on youtube as well, and they pass the EuroNCAP without any problems.


[] Brilliance BS6)

Seriously, what is the point of posting crash tests of outdated vehicles from random Chinese car manufacturers? Older F-150's did awful in crash tests as well. Does that mean every American vehicle is a piece of crap?

There's literally dozens of car manufacturers in China. Just because you can post crappy crash videos doesn't mean every single car manufacturer in China makes cars that are equally unsafe. That kind of logic would mean that since VWs are unreliable, Porsches must also be unreliable since they're both German.

Anyways, it's pretty crap that they have the gall to trash talk Chinese vehicles as junk. It's not like Indian goods are known for their reliability.