Mike Levine over at PickupTruck.com just snagged himself a whale of a curry-flavored scoop of truck news. He's got all the details on the Mahindra & Mahindra diesel hybrid pickup truck we've been told we'll be seeing here in the United States in the near-term future. Levine cornered John Perez who runs Global Vehicles U.S.A. — the company doing the importing of the greatest Indian import since java coders and help line staffers (who we also hear is a fan of the Jalop). Here's what Levine's learned:


First of all, as we made clear above it'll not only be a diesel pickup, it'll be a hybrid diesel pickup and it's coming in 2010. Secondly, it's got a name — the Mahindra Appalachian and it's based off the Mahindra mid-sized truck currently available on the sub-continent — and which we showed in heavily-modified form last month. Head on over to PickupTruck.com to get the rest of the details. [PickupTruck.com]

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