Magnus Walker Takes A 911 On Japan's Urban Highways In 'Tokyo Outlaw'

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We’ve covered Magnus Walker’s insane treatments of the original Porsche 911 many times. And every time we think he’s outdone himself, he comes right back and outdoes himself again. And this month where did he show up with his 277 numbered 911? My backyard.

The cinematography and set up, this time by Japanese Porsche garage Crosspoint 25, is absolutely some of the best we’ve seen. I particularly enjoyed getting the experience of watching Walker zoom through areas I know very well. He starts off across the bay from Yokohama, with the Minato Mirai 21 and the ferris wheel in the background. It’s one of my favorite spots in the wider Tokyo metro area.

After zooming across the Tokyo Bay bridge, he takes us through two very famous areas: Shibuya, where he drives through the busiest intersection in the world and under the walkways of Shibuya station, and then on into Akihabara Electric Town, famous for its cheap electronics, anime and manga stores, and Sunday cosplayers.

But, you know, the first two times I was too busy paying attention to the delicious Porsche to pay attention to Tokyo neighborhoods I have come to know so well. You might want to rewatch it a few times, too.


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