Video: Magnus Walker Slid His 911 Into A Truck With A Reporter Inside

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Well, now we know how Magnus Walker’s famed “277” Porsche 911 ended up with a crunched-in side during a visit to Minneapolis. A video from the Minneapolis Star Tribune shows how Walker lost control of the car and slid into that transport truck with a reporter from the newspaper riding shotgun.

While I can’t embed the video here, you can see the full clip over at the Star Tribune’s website. (Update: We got it to work, see the video below.) In it reporter Vineeta Sawkar says Walker was in Minneapolis for a Porsche media event, and she was riding in his car for a story.


But when they got on the frontage road, Walker lost control, veered partially into the oncoming lane (nearly colliding head-on with a very lovely older Mercedes SL Pagoda) and then slid into the transport truck parked there. It’s scary to watch.

The good news is no one was hurt badly. Walker is okay, and Sawkar says she’s still “banged up and bruised.” This could have gone a lot worse than it did.

Still, the fault lies with Magnus for driving way too fast and way too recklessly on a traffic-filled public road with the truck clearly in sight. And you’d think a guy who spends as much time around 911s as he does would know how to handle the car better.


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