M-Zero Concept Is A Multi-Father Bastard Child

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What happens when you combine a BMW 6-series, Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin DB9 and a hint of Audi R8? Well, you get the M-Zero, a conceptual design by Maël Oberkampf (and not officially BMW). It's supposed to represent a BMW "synthesis" between some of the luxury manufacturers out there, but it seems predominantly a BMW, most apparent by the badging. The Audi R8 reference comes because that is the look and feel the designer was going for with this design. It's kind of like getting Shakira's ass with Megan Fox's body and Eva Longoria's face.




@gotsmart: Seriously? You can tell me with a straight face that the crap that "professionals" design is better looking than this?

Sure it ain't perfect, but it's a damned sight better than most cars that are actually reaching production.