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​Lyft Is Finally Ditching Its Stupid Stuffed Pink Mustache

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sorry tech bros, your days of snorting and chortling and calling Lyft "mustache rides" are pretty much over. The pink fluffy 'stache on the ride-sharing service's cars is going away, because who wants to roll up to a date with a crusty Muppet prosthetic stuck to your hood?

What Lyft originally thought were cool, cute ways of setting its service apart is evolving. First, the mandatory fist-bump riders had to exchange with drivers when they got in the car is optional, and now the plush pink mustache is being ditched in favor of a new magnetic "glowstache" that sticks onto the car's windshield and subtly shines.


"It was this big giant fuzzy thing," Lyft president John Zimmer told Wired. "If you were going to an important business meeting, it might not be the best way to roll up."


True. But it also didn't help that one night in the rain transformed the fluffy pink appendages into disgusting mutants caked with road grime. Add in the fact that Uber – generally seen as a more high-end way of getting around – has been dealing with some, uh, issues, and anything that can make Lyft more appealing (read: less hokey) is a plus for a company that's received about a tenth of the funding and is finally getting serious about taking on Goliath.

You should start seeing the new glowing logos on cars within the next month.