Yesterday we saw The Crippler, an overpowered Rascal-like hoonmobile. Today we heard from its builders at Lux Performance who told us about Crippler II, a machine with more power and a 60MPH top speed. They're taking orders and taking names.

To be perfectly honest, our first response to the the news below was "Ho. Lee. Shit. These guys are great Americans."

Matt at Lux Performance here. We threw the crippler together at the shop one day and instantly fell in love. Now it goes everywhere with us, turning heads, getting laughs, and maiming those who don't respect it. In fact, we've had so much fun with it, we've decided to build another. Crippler II is currently in development with 40% more torque (60 ft lbs) and an estimated speed of over 60 MPH. Too make matters even worse, we have decided that the world needs these things and are currently taking orders. Attached is a sneak peak.


The hoonery possible with such a machine is nearly impossible to imagine. Just think of the maimings, the rollovers, the cobbled-together ramps, the spectacular crashes. Forget the Raptor, forget the GT-R, we want a fleet of Crippler II's and the paintball guns to go with 'em.