The Crippler: A Mobility Scooter From Hell

When Lux Performance, a factory-backed Viper racing team, needed pit conveyance, minibikes wouldn't do. Instead they dropped a 48V Etek motor in a mobility scooter to create "The Crippler." A 46 MPH, hilll-climbing, berm-jumping wheelie-riding death machine. We want one.

Okay, so these Lux Performance people, they have an addiction to speed so acute putting Vipers on the track wasn't enough, they had to invest 20 hours to building this contraption. It's packing a 48V Etek motor, 20 amp hour lead acid batteries and a 6:1 reduction chain drive, which means monster power for a scooter normally limited to silently gliding through the halls of SEMA. The reason for its name should be apparent to anyone familiar with the moronic arts. It's incredibly satisfying to see this thing buzzing the mobile speed sign and clocking 40 miles per hour. Sadly we haven't been able to find any information on "Crippler's Revenge," but it sounds like a gloriously bad idea. Off to Grainger with the corporate card. (Thanks for the tip Isaac)



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