Lutz Says Corvette SS Project Safe, in Final Tuning Stage

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Apparently GM's "pause button" on gas-swilling, rear-drive pavement ionizers doesn't include the "Blue Devil" Corvette SS (or whatever). Vice-grip chair, Bob Lutz says that project was too late to stop. As you'll recall, an EPA proposal to increase CAFE fuel economy requirements, Lutz said earlier this week, caused GM to press the big, red stop button on its plans for cars to be built on its new global rear-drive platform. Those would be the Pontiac G8, next-gen Chevy Impala and ultra-luxe Cadillac. Lutz had said the new Camaro, which is built on the same platform, was also too late to stop. As far as the new 'Vette's engine is concerned, Lutz would only say it will be "comfortably in excess of 600 ." That's horsepower. What a little devil.


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I still get excited when I see a Z06 on the road, so I'll probably wet myself if I ever come across one of these in the wild.

And I'm still not sure if I believe Lutz about shelving the G8. If it's true, I might just move to Australia. They get all the interesting cars.