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Lunatic Stops His Car In The Middle Of A Freeway To Attack Other Driver

It’s not clear what happened before this video begins that made the driver of this Infiniti so brain-cloudingly angry, but his subsequent plan of coming to a dead stop in the middle of a freeway to punch the driver behind him put him firmly in the wrong no matter what. Even better/worse, the freeway-stopper had three kids with him.

This video, which took place this past Saturday on the 134 freeway in Glendale, CA, was shot by a man driving behind the pair, and in the situation that he witnessed everything begins with aggression from the Infiniti to the Jetta. The video-taker says that he saw the Infiniti attempt to cut off the Jetta, and then saw the Infiniti driver throwing coins at the other driver.


Throwing coins? Not only does that get expensive, but it’s really hard to throw a coin with any accuracy when you’re moving at highway speeds.

The driver videoing the interaction (yes, I know it’s vertical, you’ll live) thought the cars were going to collide, which is what prompted him to start filming. A collision was avoided, but the climax to this whole insipid drama came when the G35 got in front of the Volkswagen and came to a very rapid, hard stop, right there, in the fast lane next to the HOV lane.


That’s an incredibly dangerous and stupid thing to do, but Infiniti wasn’t done yet, raising the stupidity bar dramatically by getting out of his car on the freeway and running over to try and punch the Jetta’s driver.

Even worse, the LA Times reports the Infiniti driver, 35-year-old Dikran Gligoriu, had three kids in the car with him when he pulled this shit. So, counting his own sadly misguided one, our dipshit here endangered at least seven people’s lives, and one friendly-looking dog.

Nothing that pisses anyone off on the road is worth acting like this, especially with your kids in the car. Plus, those kids had to go home with this fuming jackass after all this happened, which couldn’t have been a picnic for anyone.


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Not too long ago, I had an Infiniti G35 cut me off and then brake check me down to 35 before taking off while I was doing at least 70 in a 55 in the left lane of the Capital Beltway and I was actively passing cars.

I find that Infiniti G35/7 drivers are generally people who aspire to be BMW assholes, but can’t afford to maintain a used BMW, which makes them try even harder to compensate.