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Kodak's Lumiere slide film always made us think of the Chevrolet Lumina, even though it referenced French filmmaking brothers, rather than crappy-ass midsize GM cars of the Dark Times. But for some reason, GM has persisted in using the Lumina name in foreign markets. Why? We have no goddamn idea, but at least in foreign Bizzaro-World, it's rear-drive and is available with an LS2 stonker. And some kid in Ypsitucky with a penchant for Metallica's unfortunate Late Period and far-worse car-stereo n -metal video'd one on some outing or another. He posits that they're bringing it here. All manner of crazy crap is spotted around Metro Detwa, and we're sure that if GM brings the rebadged Commodore to the US, it won't be called a Lumina.

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