Luftgekühlt Munich Looks Like It Was A Totally Rad Time

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This short video from Porsche’s YouTube channel is like a 60-second Wish You Were Here card from a totally awesome vacation. Just like when you receive one of those cards, you’re happy for the people enjoying themselves, but you’re a little bit jealous that you are not, in fact, there. I’ve taken to calling Luftgekühlt, and other shows like it, weaponized FOMO.


The cars are exciting and the backdrops are incredible, so even when I get to see most of the show as it happens live on social media, I still wish I was the one there posting those pictures and seeing the cars. I love cars. I want to be near them.

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I’m genuinely curious if Luftgekühlt is a really cool event or just a regular cars and coffee with a few special cars in an ultra hip location that makes for great pictures on Instagram?