Catch What You Missed At Luftgekühlt 5 With This Quick Video

The folks at Race Service (now split off from Donut Media), worked tirelessly at Luftgekühlt 5 to capture all of the footage for this quick video, and have likely spent all of the week between then and now tagging, cutting, and editing footage in order to get this video out. They deserve a quick pat on the back for their efforts, because this is a neat look at how it actually felt to be there. In just one minute, this video packs in so much visual information that it is truly representative of the manic buzz that builds when 5500 people gather to look at 350 cars. If you’re an aircooled Porsche fan, it’s perhaps heaven. Even if you’re not, it’s pretty damn cool.

I was at Luft5 last weekend, and I can attest that watching this video is a lot like being at the real thing: It’s over way too quick, it’s incredibly fun while you’re in it, you’ll feel mentally exhausted afterward, and you’ll forget half of the cars you saw, because it was information overload. Even if you missed out on the SoCal Porsche extravaganza, you’ll feel pretty much like you were there, and all it takes is 60 seconds.


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