Ludicrously Wealthy Town Wants Tesla Police Cars

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The Tesla Model S could be the ultra-fast police car you never hear coming — until it's too late. At least, that's what the city manager of the posh Silicon Valley town where the Model S is a top-seller says he wants. Tesla police cars! What will they think of next?


You'll recall Atherton, California as the town that ranks at the top of the list of America's wealthiest zip codes. In Atherton, the average home costs $6.65 million. It's also a place where the Model S is the top-selling vehicle.

In an interview with the San Jose Mercury News, we learn that the Model S is regarded as the "hometown hero" for Silicon Valley thanks to Tesla's Palo Alto headquarters and the fact that the car is built in California. Atherton City Manager George Rodericks is certainly a fan. Here's what he told the newspaper:

"I probably see a Tesla Model S every day," said Atherton City Manager George Rodericks. "Atherton is 100 percent residential. We don't have any public charging stations. We don't even have a grocery store. But driving around town, you sure do see a lot of them. I'd love to see the Model S be used for Atherton's police cars."

Emphasis mine. I have no idea how serious Rodericks is about making that happen, but if it's gonna happen anywhere, it may as well be Atherton, right? The LAPD is experimenting with electric motorcycles; could electric police cars be next?


Tesla Model S police cars may not actually be a bad idea, according to John Voelcker over at Motor Authority, who brought this story to our attention. He says this could make sense as a patrol car because of its stellar safety rating, cop-preferred rear-wheel drive layout, lack of tunnel running down the middle of the car to allow plenty of room for gear, and made-in-America-ness.

I'll add one more to the list: since everyone in Atherton drives a Model S, then this would be the ultimate stealth police car. Model S cruisers would basically be hiding in plain sight. It's just like those unmarked police cars on the Autobahn that are regular Saabs or Opels or whatever. You'd never expect them.


Also, downtime for charging or Supercharging will give officers plenty of time to snack on donuts or make sure people don't have drugs up their bums. Everyone wins!


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What's the range of a Tesla S?

What's the average distance driven by a police cruiser in a day?

Is the plan that the officers will each be assigned TWO Tesla Esses (what the heck is the plural of "S", anyway), and trade off at lunchtime?

Also, mental note: if you're going to do a crime, fill up, then do it there, and just drive until the pursuing officers' rides run out of juice.