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Joseph Anderson smashed into trees and rolled his truck three times. Despite empty beer bottles littering the scene, alcohol testing wasn't done, no ticket written. He's a reserve police deputy and police chief's brother. Coincidence?


Joseph W. Anderson, a West Baton Rouge Parish reserve officer and brother to the neighboring town's Police chief, was spotted swerving down a rural road and observed as he hit two trees and rolled his Toyota 4Runner three times. Witnesses rushed to the scene, brushed aside all the still-cold and half0empty beer bottles that had tumbled out in order to lift the truck off of Anderson's pinned arm. Somehow, the young Sheriff's deputy responding to the scene, one Ryan Polansky, "made an error" in failing to administer a breath test. The report listed "unknown" as the cause of the accident.

Unbelievably, despite being in a truck that hit two trees, flipped three times, and having his arm pinned beneath the wreckage, Joseph Anderson was treated and released from the hospital the same evening with only minor injuries.


Addis Police Chief and brother to Joseph Anderson, Ricky Anderson, spoke with Polansky at the scene and claims he said "I told him I was not involved in it and to do whatever he needs to do. When it comes to family, I will not pull strings to get anybody out of anything."

This extreme case of obvious drunk driving has been brought to you by the State of Louisiana and the phrase "Yeah, right."
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