The current Lotus F1 team and the historic Team Lotus have basically nothing to do with each other. But that doesn't matter when cars like the 350 horsepower Lotus Exige LF1 exist in all their black and gold glory.

Lotus will be building 81 of these semi-F1 liveried badasses, none of which will be making their way to the USA. That's not really surprising, considering we only get the Exige as a track day special right now anyway.

So why are they building 81 of them? Apparently it's to commemorate Lotus's 81 GP victories, the last being Kimi Raikkonen's triumph at the Australian GP in 2013. Each car will have a plaque so you know just what win you're remembering when you're in the car. Of course, Lotus is counting all 79 wins under the Team Lotus banner as well as the two that have been achieved by the Lotus F1 team.


These cars will be equipped with the Exige Race Pack and dynamic performance management system. That means it has launch control and Pirelli Trofeo R tires. If you want to get in on this sweet F1-inspired action, you just need £62,900. You also need to live anywhere Lotus sells cars.


Except the USA.