Lose Yourself In Japanese Goo For Hours At A Time

I think I first found out about GooNet Exchange, a JDM used car site, from one of the great ex-Jalop Murilee Martin's Facebook posts. And it was like he slipped me ketamine or something, because if you love odd Japanese cars, this site will suck you in. Deep.


My real kryptonite is the Minicars (think Kei cars and vans) section, which is where I found that Suzuki Every dressed up like a Citröen HY van. There's so much good stuff available, like this Dihatsu Midget and my favorite mid-engined 4WD Honda turbo hatchback.

So, here's the Show Us challenge: what would you get if I handed you a bag of cash and an appropriate shipping solution? Post pictures because I suspect these comments are going to be a blast to scroll through.

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