It was a great day for wealthy microcar afficionados who have longed for a Biscuter to liven up their walk-in humidor, but a sad day for those of us who would just love to see a crapload of microcars all in one place. That's because the greatest microcar musuem, the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum is closing its doors and auctioning off hundreds of microcars from its collection. 

Mike Payne of the Coolist was there and took lots of lovely pictures of these little gems, these Gogomobiles and Messerschmidts and Fuldas and Isettas before they get shipped off to the garages and living rooms of the rich and quirky. Hopefully some will end up in collections where ordinarly saps like me can go appreciate them, too.

I never got to make it out to the museum, and I really regret that. Hopefully a new microcar museum will come along, ideally conveniently situated in the home of that guy in my neighborhood who keeps complaining about my dog's barking.