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Local News Camera Captures Hit-And-Run Collision At Canadian Traffic Circle Just Re-Opened After Earlier Wreck

Illustration for article titled Local News Camera Captures Hit-And-Run Collision At Canadian Traffic Circle Just Re-Opened After Earlier Wreck

I get that traffic circles can be tricky if you’re not used to them, but it’s not like they’re Rubik’s Cubes with Mayan hieroglyphics on them—they’re understandable. That may just not be the case for some drivers in Edmonton, Canada, where a traffic circle that was closed in the morning after a rollover accident was reopened later in the day, and, with local news cameras rolling, promptly hosted another (much more minor) wreck.


Of course, what makes this notable was that this hit-and-run happened to happen right on live TV, and was recorded and posted to Twitter:


What’s especially crazy—and perhaps revealing about people’s comfort with two-lane traffic circles—is that it seems the driver not at fault, the one in the truck is the one that left the scene of the accident.

The truck was in the inside lane, and the Lexus SUV was in the outside, which means that the SUV should be the one to yield, which clearly didn’t happen.

The Alberta Motor Association even made an animated explainer for these things:

Based on this, it’s clear the truck had the right of way, and really shouldn’t have bolted away. And the SUV should have looked out those big windows and not, you know, driven into that truck.


Not living in Edmonton, I can’t opine whether or not I agree with the tweeter as to if this is indeed the “most Edmonton thing that has ever happened,” though I can say, for the sake of the good people of Edmonton, I hope it isn’t.

It’s not clear if any legal actions are being taken against either driver, or if they’ve even been identified. Luckily the damage seems pretty minor.


Don’t let the traffic circles beat you, friends.

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I do live in Edmonton. This is a very Edmonton thing to have happened. This city has some of the shittiest, most ignorant drivers of anywhere I’ve encountered in my life.

Notice how the Lexus actually accelerates into the side of the truck with its signal light on? Want to know why? Because in Edmonton, when you put your signal light on, other drivers will ACCELERATE TO FILL THE SPACE you’re trying to enter. Even if they’re two car lengths back. It doesn’t matter where either! Freeway, side street, hospital entrance, who cares. The entire city operates like its the last lap of the Daytona 500, all the time. That Lexus was literally trying to cut the truck off out of spite and habit. 

I recently returned from a trip to Los Angeles and after hearing so many horror stories of driving in LA was surprised when I found it to be immensely easier and more peaceful than in Edmonton. Fuck Edmonton drivers forever.