A local news team covering the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas managed to save the life of a truck driver stranded in water during their live broadcast.


KHOU reporter Brandi Smith and her camera crew were on live television when they discovered a truck driver trapped in flood waters. Right after calling out to the driver and instructing him to stay in the truck until help arrived, a Sheriff’s truck miraculously came passing by, but did not know the severity of the situation. Smith flagged down the truck and informed police that the man was trapped inside his flooding cabin.

As police worked to find a clear location to get their boat in the water, one of the sheriff officials informed Smith that a truck driver died in almost the same location in similar flooding last year.

Smith continued to shout down to the driver in the truck, updating him on what the police were doing to get to him. A very stressed Smith reflected, “I can not imagine how terrifying it would be to be in that place right now.”

Luckily, the sheriff officials were able to quickly get the boat into the water and over to the driver, who was able to climb out of the passenger window of his truck. “They got him,” Smith beamed with relief.


After the driver was returned safely to land, he and Smith shared a hug. The brief interview with the driver had to be uploaded to Facebook as the KHOU broadcast office was shut down and evacuated for its own severe flooding situation.

Via The Daily Beast

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