Watch How Terrifying Hurricane Harvey Was From Inside A Disintegrating Car Wash

GIF via Piotrowski on Periscope

Storm chaser Jeff Piotrowski decided to get coverage of Hurricane Harvey as it battered Rockport, Texas from the super sketchy “safety” of a open car wash right on the edge of the eye of the storm, and it looks absolutely terrifying.


Piotrowski streamed live via Periscope last night from inside his car, which was parked under a car wash that slowly began disintegrating in the high speed winds of Hurricane Harvey. The crazy stuff really kicks up at around the 50 minute mark, when the building behind him starts to rip apart:

Piotrowski was streaming from Rockport, Texas, which sits on the Gulf of Mexico and is one of the communities that’s been hit the hardest by the category four hurricane. After about 82 minutes, Jeff gets out of the car in time for the structure behind him to start ripping apart in the wind, and by the end of the stream it’s completely gone.

CNN reports that winds reached speeds of up to 140 mph last night, and images show extensive damage to the area.

You’ve got to be insane to go out and do this for a living, but the footage from within the edge of the eye of the storm is absolutely incredible. Jeff’s later streams are just as wild, and it’s amazing he’s gone through 35 years of doing this. Must be quite the adrenaline rush.

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What a fucking idiot. Putting his life and others at risk, all while acting like a dipshit. On top of that, a drive through car wash is an utterly moronic choice of refuge.