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The Lotus Evora has been loved and hated since its debut at the British Motor Show earlier this year, but it's now the Paris Motor Show and we haven't seen any kind of real shots of the so-called "back seat" of this supposed four-passenger car. Since we did the back-seat duties with the Lamborghini Estoque, we figured it only fair to visit the Evora and take a look at it for ourselves. In person, the Evora is a gorgeous car — its taut and swoopy skin really does give the impression of speed even standing still. Those back seats, however, give the impression of a perfect place for a family with dwarf amputee children.
Perhaps they're intended only for briefcases and groceries, though, to be fair, the trunk behind the engine is big enough for a decent round trip to your local Tesco. Despite your wild fantasies of jaunty trips cross country with the Missus and kids in your favorite Lotus, we are sorry to inform you that will not be possible. This car is not a four seater, it's not even a 2+2 — it's more like a 2+nothing. Because frankly, the rear seats are good for nothing more than a way to lower the insurance rates.


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