Listen To The Mighty V12 Of The Pagani 760LM Rumble Down City Streets

The engine in the Pagani Zonda 760 LM has, fittingly, 40 horsepower 97 horsepower 3000 horsepower 760 horsepower, yes, that's it, 760. And thus, by the laws of nature and humanity, must sound like a fiery Italian golem. So it does.

Now, I know that it looks like it's the Pagani 760 X, or the Pagani 760RS, or the Pagani 760 Fantasma, or the Pagani 764 Passione, or hell, even the Pagani 760LH, but no, it is definitely the Pagani 760 LM.


Two big clues give it away. The first is that wing, and the second is that it says "Zonda LM," right there, right on the back. So no confusing it with any other Zonda, okay?

All Zonda jokes aside, I am amazed that the always-great Marchettino was able to actually see someone driving it around, albeit at Vanishing Point, Pagani's annual gathering, and that V12 sounds wonderful.

Maybe Pagani will make me my own special Zonda, if I ask nice enough.

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