The Pagani Zonda 760 X Is The Last Final Zonda Again

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After Pagani moved on to making the Huarya, everyone thought they were done with the original Pagani Zonda. Then they come out with the Zondas F, R, UNO, Cinque, 750, 760RS, HH, and on and on forever. So here is another, last, final Zonda: The Pagani Zonda 760 X.


The 760 X is, for now, a bit of a secret. So secret to the point that when we e-mailed Pagani, they politely and kindly told us they won't be telling us anything about it whatsoever, beyond that it's a special one-off for a customer. Who is that customer? And what do they want with a car that's incredibly powerful, incredibly light, and in beautiful shades of black and toothpaste?

Well, we don't know, exactly, but the spot-on people over at Pagani fan site Prototype Zero were able to find out a bit more. Much of the car looks to be based on the Zonda Cinque and the Zonda UNO, and the toothpaste, er, "baby blue" color extends all over the brake calipers and the insides. And though I joke about the paint color, it actually really is gorgeous, but being put onto an absurdly wonderful car probably doesn't hurt as well.


Prototype Zero theorizes that it could be headed to China, which would make sense as it's a growing market for every manufacturer at this point.

All I know is, I really don't care if Pagani never stops making the Zonda. The company produces so few cars already, it's probably no hassle at all to stick another one on the assembly line. And maybe, one day, just maybe, after 8,000 years of making Zondas, they'll be common enough for everyone.

Because the world deserves more Zondas.

Head on over to Prototype Zero to see a bunch more pictures.

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like the eagles/stones/Madonna retirement tours I won't believe the Zonda is over until Pagani is dead