The 1990s Nissan R33 Skyline in this video has a 3.0 liter RB30DET, an engine that was never sold from the factory, an aftermarket-only hybrid of a high-displacement block with a twin-cam turbo head. It is one of the coolest straight sixes of the modern era, and it is still utterly silenced by the scream of a quad-rotor Mazda.

Screenshot from ZP Drift

Both of these engines are aftermarket creations (Mazda only ever produced a quad-rotor for its Le Mans racing program) and they’re both common to New Zealand, where both of these cars are from. That’s ZP Drift in the R33 Skyline and Mad Mike Whiddett in the RX-7. The Nissan was making a claimed 536 horsepower at the time this video was shot in 2013, and the Mazda was supposedly around 750.

Also, it shot a lot of fire.

I could listen to both of these cars all day.