Listen To The Man Who Designed Your Favorite Jaguars Discuss Cars

It's no secret I'm a big fan of Jaguar Design production studio director Wayne Burgess. I think he's a really talented designer, and, more importantly, has indulged my awful ideas on several occasions. Also, he's had a great collection of crappy/wonderful cars. And he likes to talk about them, as you'll see.


Wayne sat down with me and talked about the design of the New F-Type coupé, the appeal of classic sports car proportions, a Fiat 128 covered in Hammerite, designing a London Cab, commenting on a drawing of a V8 Singer Stiletto, and more. All while sketching a really lovely and precise drawing of an F-Type Coupé.

So, if you can forgive that I pronounced "coupé" as "cou-pay" and "coup" interchangably and fumbled the camera at least once (I do these very informally and don't use a monopod or tripod either, so, sorry in advance), I think you'll find this chat pretty engaging.

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